Another Mile Marker

Jane enjoying her Saturday morning watching yoga in Sundance Square. I asked her later if she enjoyed being there. I got the usual answer, “Yes.” She does enjoy getting out and doing things but with […]

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Tarrant County Courthouse

  The clock atop the Tarrant County Courthouse was renovated not long ago. All the rotted wood was replaced. The leaks were sealed. A new copper top was put in place. The clock got necessary […]

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Wings Of The City (continued)

  I went over to Burnett Park Saturday morning to photograph two more of the statues in the Wings Of The City exhibition placed around downtown Fort Worth. I doubt that I’ll get to all […]

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Wings Of The City

Nine bronze sculptures by Mexican artist Jorge Marin are on exhibition in Fort Worth between June 7 and Aug 31 of this year. The works, titled Wings Of The City, are on display in five different locations […]

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Remembering Summer Vacation 1957

While rummaging through things around the house Jane uncovered this photo from summer vacation 1957 and the memories began flow again. I could feel the excitement and anticipation. Dragging the ‘armored’ Samsonite luggage out of […]

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A Cleaned Blog for A Pixelated Life

  Just as the window washer is cleaning the windows on this building, I have cleaned my blog and changed it to a new theme/look. It’s still powered by photocrati who has added many new […]

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